In product development companies are confronted with constantly changing markets. To achieve integrated production processes, it is important to accurately analyze all the processes and technologies involved in the product life cycle and to optimally synchronize the production processes. The Fraunhofer Additive Manufacturing Alliance offers sophisticated and reproducible processes as well as customized systems for your applications and products.

Project examples of the research topic Technology

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Process chain for the production of highly complex turbine parts

Integration of additive technologies in the manufacturing of highly stressed producer goods like turbine components.

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Generative laser wire cladding

The manufacturing of stamping tools contains currently complex and environmentally harmful etching processes

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Additive multiple-material construction of tools and molds

Adaptability of the additive manufacturing process for the production of optimized tools and mold inserts

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Additive Manufacturing of Large Parts

A high production system that additively manufactures large parts out of a wide range of plastics is being developed in the ongoing project HP3D funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research

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The qualification of additive manufacturing processes for processing special materials

Additive manufacturing offers new potential for the implementation of functionally optimized designs

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Utilization of lattice structures for structural leightweight design

The manufacturing of components containing lattice structures by laser-beam melting combines a weight reduction of the component with time- and cost savings during the production

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Functional combination of ceramics and metals

Metals and technical ceramics have different material properties. Typically ceramics possess a high hardness and a low conductivity. Thus they are used as isolators or as wear protection. Metals on the other hand are ductile and conductors.

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Metallic components in batch production

The progressive degree of technological maturity, size, and productivity of the newest facilities for Selective Laser Melting (SLM) enable the first industrial batch production of medium sized metallic components.