The Fraunhofer Competence Field Additive Manufacturing integrates eighteen Fraunhofer institutes across Germany, which depending on their main focus, deal with subjects concerning additive manufacturing and represent the entire process chain. This includes the development, application and implementation of additive production processes as well as associated materials.

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Research Topics of the Fraunhofer Competence Field Additive Manufacturing

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Materials research provides answers to current issues in the fields of energy, health, mobility, information and communication technologies as well as in construction and housing.

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In product development companies are confronted with constantly changing markets. To achieve integrated production processes, it is important to accurately analyze all the processes and technologies involved in the product life cycle and to optimally synchronize the production processes.

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By taking nature as a role model, scientists develop ideas and products that can be specifically adapted to environmental conditions.

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In order to improve the reliability and shape accuracy of all products generated by addititve manufacturing, we develop individual security systems for your entire product development process.

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Software und simulation

Additive manufacturing is closely linked to the digital control of the manufacturing process: components are manufactured directly on the basis of a digital representation.



Rapid.Tech 2021

We would like to invite you to our Fraunhofer expert forum on June 22, 2021 as part of the Rapid.Tech 3D, which will focus on the guiding principle of "sustainability".


DDMC 2020

Fraunhofer DDMC 2020 was held as a webconference on 23 June. The conference proceedings are now available in the Fraunhofer bookshop.

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NEWS 1.20

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Fraunhofer vs. Corona

The Fraunhofer Competence Field Additive Manufacturing is participating in the "3D Printing Fights Corona" initiative as a partner of the Medical goes Additive network.



Press releases of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft


Fraunhofer Research Fab Battery Cells: Workshop affirms strong interest among the industrial sector

The project team at the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and research partners in North Rhine-Westphalia are working hard to implement the concept, being promoted by the BMBF and the state, for an innovative and successful Research Fab Battery Cells at the Münster location. All in close collaboration with the battery competence centers throughout the country, addressing the landmark decision by the policymakers to get involved in the development of a Germany battery industry in a way that meets future needs. The aim is to help German businesses produce battery cells economically and ecologically.
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Monitoring system protects trial crops

The world is having to feed an increasing number of mouths. Studies indicate that global population will rise to over nine billion by the year 2050. In response, Bayer AG is researching resistant cereal varieties and enhanced crop protection. A new 24-hour monitoring system from the Fraunhofer Institute for Communication, Information Processing and Ergonomics FKIE will help protect the fields where these test crops are grown and thereby safeguard this time-consuming and cost-intensive research.
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Targeting a rapid market breakthrough for new vaccine production method

In a so-called inactivated or killed vaccine, the virus particles it contains are first rendered inactive by means of the toxic chemical formaldehyde. A better way of achieving this, however, is to irradiate the pathogens with low-energy electrons. Four Fraunhofer Institutes have now developed a new method of vaccine production based on this technique that is not only quicker but also guarantees a higher quality of product. The next step is to take this patented technique to market as quickly as possible. In order to accelerate the transfer and ensure that this new method is truly competitive, the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA has teamed up with specialized machinery manufacturer KyooBe Tech GmbH and with TIM Consulting.
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Top-speed antibody development

The development of biopharmaceuticals is a long and expensive process. A decade or more can elapse between the discovery of a new protein-based active ingredient and the release of a new drug. One major hurdle on this journey is the passage from the lab to clinical trials. As a rule, it takes between 18 months and two years to produce this kind of investigational medicinal product for use in clinical trials. However, at the Fraunhofer Institute for Toxicology and Experimental Medicine ITEM, researchers from the Division of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology have now developed a production method that reduces this step to just six months.
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