In order to improve the reliability and shape accuracy of all products generated by addititve manufacturing, we develop individual security systems for your entire product development process.
Using its long-term and cross-sector expertise, the Fraunhofer Competence Field Additive Manufacturing supports you in integrating quality assurance tools as well as in installing and optimizing your quality management systems.

Project examples of the research topic Quality

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work safety in additive manufacturing


In the case of laser beam melting, metallic components from powder material are generated by layered construction and a selective powder melting by means of a laser.

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Optimization of shape distortions

Graded or multi-material parts made out of ceramic and/or metal exhibit inhomogeneous shrinkage during final sintering

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Quality control of powder

Development of powder specifications for Laser Beam Melting and a quality control strategy for ABM powders

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Local properties of additive manufactured parts

In the completed EU-project »SIMCHAIN« a simulation chain was developed that allows to study the influence of process parameter on the local mechanical properties of additive manufactured parts.

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Simulation of residual stresses and warpage in stereolithography

Resins for stereolithography shrink during polymerization. During the layer wise curing this leads to residual stresses and warpage

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Numerical simulation of powder spreading in powder-bed systems

Final surface roughness and porosity is influenced by the homogeneity of the individual powder-bed layers.

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Strain rate dependent material behavior for dynamic loads

Additively manufactured materials are analyzed in experiment and simulation. In particular, the strain rate dependence of the material behavior is investigated which is of high relevance for special load cases like car crash.